The Berar General Education Society's
Shri Kisanlal Nathmal Goenka Arts & Commerce College
Karanja (Lad) - 444105
NAAC Reaccredited B+ Grade (2.56) CGPA


4. IQAC Composition

IQAC-objective, Function and Benefits


  1. To develop a mechanism to monitor, direct and supervise the working of various internal committees in the institute.
  2. To analyse working of various internal committees and promote a quality work culture in the college.


  1. To decentralise the working and duties to various internal committees in the college.
  2. To monitor the teaching learning process and promote quality education in the college.
  3. To organise various activities related to student progression and support.
  4. To promote research aptitude among the faculty and students.


  1. Faculty would be made aware of the institutional functioning towards quality education.
  2. Various activities would be organised in keeping view of the all-round of the students.
  3. Good practices would be developed among stakeholders to fulfill vision and mission of the college.
  4. A mechanism would be developed to monitor the quality education process.
  5. A methodology would be practiced for documentation and internal communication.