About Department

The Berar General Education Society, Akola initially stated its faculty of Arts & Commerce in Shri. KisanlalNathmalGoenka College, Karanja (Lad) in 1961.
The Department of Physical Education and Sports was established also in 1961. In Three Cycles of NAAC Accreditation Excellent, Vibrant remarks were given to department by NAAC Committee.


1. To help maintain a healthy and joyful life.
2. To implementation of Discipline in their life.
3. To make a good citizen.


1. To develop the physical fitness of the students.
2. To ensure large participation of the student.
3. To identify the sports-talent and encourage it.
4. To develop the spirit of Sportsmanship, Qualities of Leadership, Co operative Team work with Social Aspects.
5. To make the students realize their Strength, Skills, Fitness & Alertness.
6. To provide Facilities.
7. To grow student’s confidence.
8. To enhance their Positive attitude.
9. Teacher and students to respect the diversity among the people.
10. Nourishes the mind with ethical values.


1. Basketball Court
2. Table Tennis Hall
3. Wrestling mats and Hall
4. Kabaddi Ground
5. Volleyball Ground
6. Weight Lifting Set
7. Gym
8. Sports Equipment as per event

Teaching Staff

Anjali Digambar Barde
Designation: Director of Physical Education & Sports Qualification: B.A. , B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., UGC-SET, Ph.D. Experience: 19 years
Specialization: Basketball
Discipline: Sports, Physical Fitness & Physical Education
Cellphone: 9011672017

Departmental Activities

1. College Sports Activities (As per University Schedule)
2. International Day of Yoga
3. National Sports Day
4. Physical Efficiency Test
5. Inter Collegiate Tournament Organization
6. The B.G.E. Society’s Annual Sports Meet
7. Yoga Workshop

Incentives for Players

1. Cash Prize up to Rs. 1000/- or Tracksuit for each Color Holder.
2. Sport Kit and shoes for each selected playerfor Inter Collegiate tournaments.
3. D.A. Rs. 250/- per day, Lodging allowance Rs. 125/- per day for Players. 4. Actual T.A. of the players.
5. T.A. and D.A. of University Coaching Camp of Selected Player.
6. Half Payment of University Blazer share by college.
7. Incentive Marks as per UniversityRules.
8. Medical expenses done by college at the timeof Sports Event.
9. Felicitation of Sports Person on 26th January of Every Year.
10. Display Names on Honor Board and Flexes.
11. Achievement Certificate from University.

Departmental Reports

1. Departmental Report 2017-18
2. Departmental Report 2018-19
3. Departmental Report 2019-20
4. Departmental Report 2020-21
5. Departmental Report 2021-22
6. Departmental Report 2022-23
7. Report Yoga day 2017-18
8. Report of International Yoga day 2018-19
9. Report of International Yoga day 2019-20
10. Report of International Yoga day 2021-22
11. Report of International Yoga day 2022-23
12. National Sports Day Report 2017-18
13. National Sports Day Report 2018-19
14. National Sports Day Report 2019-20
15. National Sports Day Report 22-23


1. Immunity and Physical Fitness
2. Stretching Exercises Information
3. Stretching Exercise for All
4. Skipping Rope
5. Warm-Up Exercises
6. Yoga
7. Basketball skills and Technique
8. Volleyball skills and technique
9. Wrestling skills and technique
10. Kabaddi skills and Technique
11. Athletic events skills and Technique