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     Karanja, a town with a population of over 1 Lakh and a cultural heritage and multiplicity of languages and religions, is signifying a unity in diversity, presenting a picture of colourful, wonderful and beautiful India in miniature. People of Karanja believe in age-old tradition of education. It is the birth place of Shri Nrusinha Saraswati Swami Maharaj and Guru Mandir is centre of gravitation of pilgrims from all over India. It is the Kashi of the Jains. Bramhacharya Jain Ashram, true to its tradition, symbolises Ashram system of life in ancient times. Karanja owes its name to Karanj Rishi and Rishi Tank (Rushi Talao) bears testimony to this.

Profile of the college
Kisanlal Nathmal Goenka      Kisanlal Nathmal arts and commerce Karanja was established in 1961 on the land generously donated by Kisanlal Nathmal Goenka . It is run by the Berar general education society Akola. It is situated in a rural area. The college which was started with arts and commerce faculties with only 120 students and 5 lecturers now has 1000 students on its roll. It has 14 permanent teachers and 10 non-teaching members other than compulsory languages. There are 4 departments under arts faculty and 4 departments under commerce faculty. It is a co-educational college. During last decade the world is changed literary in all sectors of society in general and in the field of education & technology in particular. Research has been the age old endeavour of mankind. Over the years much has been invented and more is to be researched out .The Educational institutions have to play the key role in enhancing and widening the canvas of the research.
     The College, definitely, has promoted research activities during the span of 4-5 years. As a result many of the teachers have acquired the Doctoral degree in the respective areas. Environmental concern has been another task of the college. Regular teaching of environmental studies is the salient feature of the college curriculum. The organization of Vidarbha Environment Conference in the year 2004-05 and subsequently recent organization of National River Conference in the year 2008 have been the worth mentioning incident in this area. Health is the best investment ever made our Dept of Sports and Physical education is progressive one. During the last 3- 4 years the players of the College have brought laurels to the college in different events. The advanced technique should be incorporated and sports equipments needs to be installed to get the expected result in this field. Staff members are committed to the cause of social upliftment, various programmes have been conducted for the tribals and downtrodden. The college was given Best N.S.S Unit Award by Sant Gadge Baba. Amravati University, Amravati for the year 2006- 07. An establishment of well equipped and advanced language laboratory is the first priority of the college in the near future so that the students in the rural areas could get acquainted and accessed with the global language English.
Adv.Motisingh Mohta
Hon. Secretary Adv.Motisingh Mohta
Dr. V. R. Kodape
Principal Dr. V. R. Kodape
Off. Principal
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