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Courses Available and eligibility for admission

  • Arts
  • Commerce
B.A. I,   B.A. II  and  B.A. III :
Compulsory Languages i) Marathi ii) English
Optional Subjects i) Economics ii) Political Science
iii) History iv) Marathi Literature
v) English Literature vi) Home Economics (For Girls)
vii) Music
Note :- The students will have to choose any three subjects out of seven optional subjects as mentioned above. Environment Science is a compulsory subject for B.A. II / B.Com II students.
Post Graduate Course:
M.A. I (Home Economics) only for Girls i) Family Resource management. ii) Human Development.
iii) Textile, Clothing and fashion designing. iv) Research methodology and Computer application
M.A. II (Home Economics) only for Girls i) Consumer Economics ii) Food science & Nutrition
iii) Marriage and Family Relationship iv) Housing and Home Management
v) Dissertation.
M.A. I (History) i) Histeriography ii) History of Ancient India
iii) History of Medival India iv) Twentyth Century World
M.A. II (History) i) Paper I - History of India ( from 1757 t0 1964) ii) Paper II - History of the Marathas ( from 1600 to 1818)
iii) Paper III - Women in Indian Hostory iv) Paper IV - Hostory of Ideas Or State in India
 B.Com. I
Compulsory Language   i) Marathi               ii) English
Optional Subjects    I) Business Economics ii) Financial Accounting
Applied Components: i) Computer - fundamentals and operating system
 B.Com. II
Compulsory Language   i) Marathi               ii) English
  iii) Environmental Science
Optional Subjects    i) Money and Financial System ii) Business Mathematics and Statistics
  iii) Corporate Accounting iv) Income Tax and Auditing
Applied Components: Information Technology and Business Data Processing.
 B.Com. III
Compulsory Language   i) Marathi               ii) English
Optional Subjects    i) Cost Management Accounting. ii) Business Environment.
  iii) Business Regulating Framework and Company Law.
Applied Components: i) Fundamentals of Insurance ii) Indian Banking System.
 Bachelor in Business Administration (B.B.A):
Proposed Courses: 1. Master in Computer management (M.C.M)
  2. Master in Arts (History)  
  Online Pre Ph.D. Examination Center Admission Process

The admission process for current academic session will commence from the declaration of result of HSC Examination. Admission will be given in Arts and Commerce faculties as per the rules and regulations of Higher Secondary Board of Education Amravati and S. G. B. Amravati University, Amravati, taking in to consideration the eligibility of the students. Those willing to seek admission should duly fill in the application form and submit the following documents along with it.

1) School / College Leaving Certificate - (Original and true copy)
2) Mark list of qualifying examination - (Original and true copy)
3) Character Certificate
4) Gap Certificate (In case of gap period) in education gap affidavit is essential.
5) Undertaking

Adv.Motisingh Mohta
Hon. Secretary Adv.Motisingh Mohta
Dr. V. R. Kodape
Principal Dr. V. R. Kodape
Off. Principal
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